Negativity can easily trap me just like an ant comes to sweets. Every single day when my mind is wandering, the negativity tells me about many impossible things, about being unappreciated in many ways, or simply remind a bad moment in the past. Therefore, when a positivity comes, flowing like a sea breeze in summer day, I cannot be more grateful. 

Being such a self-directed person, I know how well I can survive in difficult situation, I also know how I react in different circumstances, and I also know how bad sometimes the impact for my entire life. So, for today, I am simply grateful for being surrounded by many beautiful people whom I barely know. Most of us had just known each other yesterday. But, during yesterday and today, we worked just like we have been friends for long time. 

I remembered back then, in college, my community had a big meeting, about community service and development. Our idealism at that time was focusing on community development. Where are we now? Should we have that kind of meeting again and compare? For today, when people are busily talking about mortage, cars, or a raise; having such a heart for sharing is already amazing.

Some of us may choose to stay in our comfy bedroom, with air-con, denying the hot-and-humid air outside. We may not be consistent. This spirit may just evaporate, disappear through the desire of having a beautiful wife or a handsome husband, starting to settle in. Or ….. we just ignite it again when the flame starts to fade. Just like how seldom I turn-on my motorcycle, it gets ‘cranky’, it gets ‘cold’, it doesn’t move without the right ignition. Sometimes a small spark is enough to ignite and little-by-little we can burn it right.

So, thank you for today. Thank you to help me ‘ignite’ this good feeling. Hope we get a chance to collaborate again someday. 

18 June 2017

with love to the super-team of Jajan Pahala chapter Cilegon 🙂


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