Favorite Books 2016

I read this article in Business Insider about favorite books we read this year some days ago.

Yeah, I feel a little bit proud that I have read three of them (not something to be proud of until you read them all, din *self-talk). So, I want to give review about those three books.

  1. Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan (3.5 of 5)



Actually, I think it is a little bit late to put it into favorite books 2016 since this book was published on 2013. I ever wrote the review on my Tumblr, but currently I cannot write there anymore since I forgot my password (lame problem of me). So, I became a passive reader for my own Tumblr page hahaha (my review for Crazy Rich Asians which I wrote in 2014 is here).

Well, it is one of the novel I clearly remember even when I read that a long time ago. It wass a simple book which was perfectly matched to be read during your trip. This book told about an American-Chinese woman who will be introduced to the high-class family of his boyfriend. The problem is Rachel Chu, this woman, did not know that her boyfriend’s family wass extremely rich. Some part in this book may sound stereotyping, but some of them was true. It would make you laugh easily, such a nice book to entertain you.

I heard that there wass a sequel of this book, but I have not read it yet.


  1. Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll (4.5 of 5)




This was a book that will give you a sensation. The sensation may be different in one another. For me, it was thrilling, but it made me curious in the same time to go from one page to the next. I did not predict the story to be like that. So, I will not tell you the whole story in here. In summary, it told the story of Ani Fanelli’s life. She worked in a popular woman magazine, such a typical successful career woman who lived in NYC. But, deep inside, she kept her own insecurity due to her terrible past. Her story about how she got over her past, how she was struggling between trying to forget it, keeping it, or dealing with it, was felt so real, just like you were watching a motivational talk-show in TV (yeah, since the part of the background of this book was clearly in shooting process of a talk-show program). Reading the story made me realize that everyone can have a bad past, it is okay, it is acceptable. Somehow, the past can make us insecure but actually we have to deal with it, we have to accept before anyone else accepts, we doesn’t have to completely forget it because the past already bring us to be the way we are now.


  1. Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith (4.5 of 5)



I did love it from first page. You know, I have not read JK Rowling’s book, but I did read two books of Robert Galbraith. They are the same person, you know that? I can feel that the very first page tries to ‘awaken’ my psycho imagination, which was scarily interesting (oh God). Actually, I just read 20% of the book. So, I cannot tell any detail. The side-story about Strike – Robin – Robin’s fiancée also seemed to be sharpened. I really cannot wait to finish it, though I currently have problem in managing my reading time (lame reason din, you know that). If you like detective or thriller book, Robert Galbraith’s book will satisfy your hunger.


There are some books wait to read. I plan not to buy any book until I finish them all (cost saving for my trip in Thailand). Hope that I can be consistent to post about books’ review.



Have a nice weekend!


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