Beautiful Koh Samet


Monday, 5 December 2016 was a public holiday in Thailand for celebrating Father’s Day. My friends (Agus and Galuh) and I wanted to go out somewhere during the long weekend. So, we decided to go to Koh Samet, which was already recommended by many people around us.

Sunday morning, we headed to the Catholic Church in Assumption School because Agus had to go to the mass. Galuh and I went to Honorika (Clock Tower) for breakfast and continued to coffee shop near Assumption. Agus finished mass at 10. Then, Khun Anuchit drove us to Ban Phe Pier. It took around 30 minutes from Rayong to Ban Phe. Anyway, if you are from Bangkok, you can take public bus or minivan directly to Ban Phe from Mochit, Ekkamai, or Khaosan Road. There is also public parking which also servess for overnight parking.

We paid THB 100 each person for round-trip boat ticket. The lady who sold the ticket told us that the boat would depart on 11.10. After buying a ticket, we waited in the nearest restaurant. It was not as crowded as I thought. Finally, the boat came, and it was pink! The boat was convenient, we sat in the upper deck, and everyone was obligated to wear life-jacket. Actually, the first plan was only a day-trip, but previous night, I said to them to be “flexible”, and on the boat, we decided to stay overnight in Koh Samet.

Arriving in Nadan Pier, Koh Samet, we had to buy tickets (they said ‘maintenance pier’). It was cheap, only THB 20 per person. Next, we looked for motorcycle rental. Actually the boys really wanted to rent ‘zummer-x’ since it was not common in Indonesia. But, in every rental around Nadan Pier, there was no more ‘zummer-x’ available. So, Galuh used blue-metallic ‘Click’ and Agus used blue-pink ‘Scoopy’ (which was too cute for him hahahaha). We paid THB 400 for renting motorcycle 24 hours with gasoline full-tank. Since Galuh was a biker who is very passionate in motorcycle, riding a motorcycle (especially in Thailand) was a big happiness for him during our trip.

We headed to Sai Kaew visitor center. At the entrance gate, an officer stopped us, asked us to pay. I read before that we could get Thai citizen’s price if we brought ‘work permit’. At first, the officer asked us to pay THB 200 per person, but I negotiated (the power of woman bargain!) and I said that we all worked in Thai while showing our work permit (I spoke in Thai, thanks to our teacher!). They let us go for paying THB 100 per person. Afterwards, we looked for hotel/guesthouse to stay. Since it was long weekend, I guessed it would be hard to find, but no. Finally, we checked in at Blue Dolphin Resort in Ao Wong Duean, THB 1,500 per night for three people.

Adventure began! We drove our motorcycle (of course during this trip, I always be behind Agus or Galuh since I cannot ride it) to scenic area around 1 km from Ao Wong Duean. It was so relaxing to sit there enjoying the sea breeze.


Sun Set point in Koh Samet before the sunset

After that, we went to the south until the road ended in another view point, which Galuh took some awesome photos of me! (picture is awesome, not me, I know)


photo by Galuh

Anyway, the road in Koh Samet was made from concrete, mainly well-maintained. Mostly, tourist preferred motorcycle because it was cheap to rent and easy to go everywhere. There was also golf-cart to rent, or green-taxi (song-thaew) by paying around THB 20-80 one way. Every attractions in Koh Samet were easily noticed since they maintained many signs and direction in the main road.

We were so hungry that afternoon. We had our late lunch at Jep’s Restaurant near Sai Kaew Beach. It was a nice sea-side restaurant with bar. They sold various kind of food: Italian, Indian, Mexican, Thai, Japanese, etc. We all ate Thai food and spent THB 540 for all. Agus and I could not resist to swim. It felt like the water called us to come closer. So, after finishing eating, we swam in Sai Kaew Beach. Sai Kaew Beach was a white-sand beach with long beach line. The wave was kind of strong here. It added the fun of swimming, tough. 😀

We headed back to Sun Set Point to enjoy the sunset scenery. Many people were already there. I felt so grateful to be there, enjoying beautiful sunset with my lovely friends. Nothing I can ask for more enjoyable weekend.

In the evening, we had dinner in one of the restaurant in Ao Wong Duean. It was called Tom’s Pizza. There was also a seller of crepes who serves nutella flavor, it was so damn good! We only ordered one pizza medium sized and drinks. We paid THB 520, which was quite expensive but acceptable for the view and our best seat. The atmosphere was so delightful, beautiful beach, interesting light from some restaurants. Since these two boys currently were camera-freak, they took me some photos eating crepes, which was good! Although, there were some bars, but it was not that loud. While Agus and Galuh talked about camera, I could enjoy the sound of waves while reading. Perfect evening!

Next day, in early morning, we did sunrise hunting in Sai Kaew Beach. I was not good in photography but I surely captured in my mind the most beautiful sunrise I ever saw. Less crowd. Pure white and soft sand. Some dogs were laying lazily in the sand. Some people were interested to make them as model of sunrise in Hat Sai Kaew. I clearly saw the sun, looked like it was coming up from the horizon. Amazingly beautiful sunrise.

There was one place we were interested to explore, Ao Phrao. After buying breakfast, we headed there and found a beautiful small bay with crystal clear water. We went back to our hotel, ate our breakfast, and prepared to swim. Then, we went back to Ao Phrao.


use MiRemote as shutter to Agus’camera

We swam in front of Le Vimarn cottage. Yeah, I liked the fact that the luxury resorts could not claim the beach to be theirs. It was just so disappointing that it happened in some beaches in Indonesia. Since Ao Phrao was a bay, the wave was not as strong as in Hat Sai Kaew. It was like in a swimming pool. The sand was as soft as baby powder.

We went back to the hotel for shower and checked out. Our boat to Ban Phe Pier was scheduled on 12 pm. It was the same pink boat, the same seat in the upper deck. I continued reading Robert Galbraith’s Career of Evil until I fell asleep. My friends woke me up when we arrived in Ban Phe.

A really nice experience to travel like this. Even when I wear hijab, it cannot resist me to explore beautiful beach and underwater. I really like my travelling buddies, for sharing laughter, for their typical ‘crispy’ jokes that makes me throw my face (hahaha), for taking beautiful photos. I love Thailand for its clean beaches and nice hospitality. But, honestly, it challenges me to travel more, especially in Indonesia.

See you in the next trip!


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