Khao Laem Ya – Mu Ko Samed

Hello All 🙂

I found this draft in my old folder, and decided to throw it in my blog since I did remember that it was a beautiful experience to spend one afternoon in Khao Laem Ya.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016 was a public holiday in Thailand. It’s called Achala Bucha. I had a new friend, called Stacey. She was an internship student in SCG Chemicals from University of Indonesia. Such a good thing to meet a friend who speaks in the same language 🙂

Stacey offered me to join her to Khao Laem Ya with her friend, P’Dollayat. P’Dollayat works in HR of SCG Corporate. He had his master degree in USA, so that he has a flawless English (not Thai-English *peace). Before I went there, I already did some research (google research hihihi) about the place. From what I saw, although it is a beach attractions, we would have a long walk. So, I took my sport shoes instead of sandals.

We started from our apartment on 3 pm. It took around 30 minutes from our apartment to Khao Laem Ya. They had two kinds of price for entrance fee (yeah, as usual)

THB 40 for Thai citizen, and THB 200 for foreigner. Wew, 5 times ! But, Stacey and I kept silence when the officer check the car. So, for the three of us, the officer only charge us for THB 120 (I am so sorry Thai government)

I really loooovvvveeeee the place 🙂

It was kind of ‘simple’ beach I needed to spend my afternoon. The officer said to us that it was crowded, but I didn’t feel its crowd. Some people were swimming. Others were having snack near the beach. Many couples took photo. Group of teenagers took ‘selfie’. But, I considered it as not crowded. We walked along the beach and took some photo near the old dock. We could see Koh Samed. I drank Thai tea. Such a perfect afternoon for only IDR 8,000 🙂

Then, the real walk was coming. There was a wooden pathway with rock below it along the beach line. It maybe along 1 km. Stacey almost gave up in the middle because she wore sandals, and it was kinda slippery. In the end of the pathway, we could sit on the rock with the sea wave below us ! I spent time chit-chatting with Stacey while P’Dollayat was busy taking pictures hehe. Anyway, he is a good photographer. He even do that for professional, like for pre-wedding photo. You can check his work in his facebook (he just had his trip to Morocco and all his pictures are so marvelous).

We left Khao Laem Ya before sunset. After that, P’Dollayat asked us if we were hungry. I said, “yes I am, let’s have an early dinner”. Then, he took us to Mae Ram Pung beach. Actually, it was just an ordinary beach with many stalls in it. But, what I love from beach in Thailand is they have a long beachside, no boundary, no high wall (as in Anyer huh!). We can just park our car near the beach, no need to pay. We ate in one of the seafood stall. OMG, they had very fresh and delicious seafood. We ordered sea-shell with butter sauce, grilled squid with sour and spicy sauce, and tasty deep fried fish. Suddenly, we became very hungry. We even missed the sunset since we really enjoyed eating. For all those tasty seafood, we only paid THB 750, which was really acceptable price.

Kyaaa what a simple but perfect afternoon 🙂

photos: all the photos were taken by me from my old Samsung phone hehe. I forgot where I saved the pictures from P’DH


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