Chanthaburi 2nd Trip

I did not know during my times in Thailand how many times I will visit Chanthaburi, but I believed this city never fails me. My friends and I visited Chanthaburi on 23-24 October 2016. Yeah, it was Monday but it was a holiday of Chulalongkorn Day. I went there with my Thai friends from Planning Department ROC (Rayong Olefins co.) and MTT (Map Ta Phut Tank Terminal). I would introduce them later 🙂

When I asked them before the trip ‘what will we do there?’ They answered me ‘just prepare your body to eat a lot’. HAHAHAHA.

We departed from Rayong on Sunday morning. We stopped in a food stall, to eat Kao – Man (kind of ‘nasi uduk’ in Indonesia). Then, we continued to our first destination, Pink Rock beach or maybe easier if you look it in google by Khung Krabaen wildlife nature. It was almost similar with Khao Laem Ya. But, it had no wooden path, so the track was quite tricky. I picked wrong ‘costume’ also hahaha. I actually had been prepared for trekking, but when I asked them about the track, they thought it would be an easy track. So, I still used my flat shoes, poor flat shoes 😦

The rock was pinkish-brown as you can see in my picture. Oh ya, I just bought a new cellphone (more reliable compared to my old Samsung). So, I could take picture, yeah! We helped each other to finish the track. This was one of the best view. It looked like Menganti Beach in Kebumen anyway. Even though it was hard for me to pass the track with my flat shoes, I really enjoyed the track and the scenery 🙂

After that, we went to second destination which was also our place to stay. It was Paplean Homestay. We arrived at their restaurant in the lunch time. It was crowded, but we already reserved the place. Yeah, I thought it need reservation, especially if you come during weekend. That was the first culinary experience there. A seafood buffet lunch! They served crab, shrimp cake, fish soup, som-tum. Everything as much as you can eat! Hahaha. After finishing lunch, we went to our room.


our room is the third purple-wall one

I was quite surprised that they only reserved one room for all of us. Hehehe. Yeah, seven of us (three women and four men) slept in one room. But, it was safe after all. The room was small maybe only 20 m2,  it has one toilet and one shower room, which was okay. In the afternoon, we went rafting. It was just a slow rafting. We just sat in the raft, enjoyed the scenery. It was hard for me to resist jumping into the water. So, when it came the time to swim, I swam with all my friends, except P’Ting who took picture of us 🙂

Not enough with rafting, after that, we played again in a swimming pool with slider. It was not a fancy one, but it was fun. Haha. The dangerous part of it made it fun! I had one moment that made me want to burst into tears (lebay hehe). So, after I took shower, my male friends said that they would wait outside, giving me time to dry my hair since I wore hijab so I could not dry my hair if there was man around. So kind of them, right?

We experienced the second buffet seafood. Since I was really inexperienced about eating crab with bare hands, they helped me a lot. They cleaned the shell, and prepared the crab-meat for me. They were all very kind to help me with everything I needed, and I suddenly felt like a little sister 🙂


welcome to my stomach, dear grilled crab!

It was a tiring day for me. We just played cards for some hours after dinner. But, at 10 pm, I fell asleep. My friends continued to drink and play cards. In the following day, we had breakfast which were delicious kao – tom (rice with seafood soup, a lot of ginger) and super-delicious, my favorite kha-nom (snack), pa-tong-ko (look like chakwe, but using sweet condensed milk as dipping).

We checked out, and went to one of the famous coffee shop in Chanthaburi, Rock Spresso. The coffee shop was amazing. You can see the photos below.

They served various kind of coffee and dessert. After that, we ate (again) in the Chanthorn Restaurant. It was one of the famous restaurant in Chanthaburi.

It was a pleasure for me to have trip with them. Thai friends are so kind and considerate. All the culinary experience was absolutely amazing. It made me want to come to Chanthaburi again someday.

See you in the next trip experience!

Credits: all the pictures taken by me from Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro.

Anyway, I got a promo ticket to Chiang Mai for January 2017. Yeay!


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