Chanthaburi (1st trip)

Our first trip to Chanthaburi was done on August 2016, during the mother’s day long weekend. I went there with Yanuar, Agus, Intan, and of course our lovely driver, Khun Anuchit.

One of the main attraction in Chanthaburi is Namtok Phlio (nam means ‘water’ and tok means fall). It took around 2 hours driving from Rayong to Chanthaburi. When we arrived there around 12 pm, it was already crowded with local tourist. We paid THB 200 for each person (as usual there is dual-fee rules for Thai citizen and foreigner). It is one complex of waterfall, so there are some waterfalls connected. There are two main route, normal route (mostly tourists pass this way) and nature trail. Well, at that time, we chose ‘nature trail’. It may took around 2 hours to pass the nature trail. We had to walk under the tree, we had to climb the rope. But, in return, we got some views that I bet those other tourists cannot enjoy since they did not try the nature trail. If you want to try the nature trail, prepare your hiking gear, at least use comfortable shirt, pants, and shoes (better to use hiking sandals or hiking shoes); also bring water in your backpack. Prepare your camera too since there are many beautiful view to take photo. Actually at that time, I thought the waterfall was not so marvelous, maybe due to bunch of people. But, my friends and I really enjoyed our hiking trips.

We were so hungry after the hiking. Afterwards, our driver recommended us a place. This place was not in our list actually, but our driver usually had a good taste. Yeah, he is!

This place is called Farm Pu Nim. We had to park the car near a small port. Then, we jumped to the boat. We had to across the river by boat to get into the restaurant. The restaurant is surprisingly very good. Everything about it. Delicious and fresh seafood, especially my favorite ‘pu nim’ (soft shell crab); nice scenery – it was located near mangrove forest, restaurant service was also quite good. I though the price would be very expensive, but turns out not, not more than THB 1000 for all of us. Suddenly, it started to rain during our way back to the car. All of us got wet in the boat. Hahahaha. But, we were still having fun!


the wind! (before rain came) haha 

I already prepared for the worst, so I brought another clothes! Haha. We stopped by in a gas station and I changed my clothes. One lesson learned for every trip! Then, we continued heading to Chanthaburi city. We visited one of the famous Catholic Church in Thailand, Cathedral of Immaculate Conception. Agus came inside, while the rest of us only sat in front of the church. The atmosphere was really good, it was not raining hahaha.  I guessed there were some events before, and many people took photo in front of the Cathedral.

Not far from the Cathedral, we walked crossing small bridge, we arrived in Chantaboon, Chanthaburi Old Town. Actually, it was only a small road, with some old shop nearby. Many small coffee shops, which really drove us confused to pick only one. We bought a charcoal crepes since it seemed nice with a crowd queue. Then, we had some coffee in the nearby coffee shop. When I look at this, I always imagined that some cities in Indonesia can do better. I mean, we have many beaches, many rivers, but why is it too difficult to build a proper environment around that? Why the district in the river bank mostly become slum? So that, I really appreciate some regional government that seriously build the river bank to be more beautiful and even can be tourist attraction. For example, Cikapundung River in Bandung and Banjir Kanal Timur in Jakarta.


me in one of the mural in Chanthaboon


we were having fun in Old Town

It was almost seven pm, and we decided to go back home. It was such a really nice one-day trip. Even for the second trip, Chanthaburi really never fails to fascinate me with its charm.

all credit photos belong to Agus and Yanuar, thanks bro!


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