camping in Kanchanaburi

Another trip is coming!

On Saturday, 20 August 2016, my friends and I went to Kanchanaburi. My friends in here are Yanuar and Boy, a utility engineer in MOC. Boy’s hometown is Kanchanaburi. We departed from Rayong on 6 am. The traffic was quite good, even we reached Bangkok within 2 hours (yeah, Boy drove until 150 kmph). We arrived in Kanchanaburi at around 10 am.

First destination was Bridge over The River Kwai. Basically, this was a historical site. In World War II, Japan forced their prisoners (mostly American) to be their slave to build railway which connect Thailand to Burma (Myanmar). Kwai River is a famous river in Kanchanaburi. It is a must-visit place. The river is clean and the weather around there was very nice. We were so lucky, the train was coming when we were visiting the bridge. It was exciting 🙂


Boy, me, and Yanuar in the Bridge over the River Kwai, there is a temple but too crowded at that time

Second destion was Death Railway. Yeah, this railway is connected to the railway in the bridge. It is also called Tha Krasae. It is actually a ‘stop’ for the train, but the location is nice. The railway is so close to cliff with stone-wall. It is called Death Railway because many prisoners were killed during building this railway, they had to build this railway with minimum facility. Actually, there is a nice restaurant near the railway, but too many tourist groups, and they already booked it. We had lunch in the nearby food stalls, but sadly, they were not honest about the price. They realized that I am a foreigner (mostly Thai people did not realize that I am a foreigner and I can speak Thai a little), they increased the price for me, but the price was still reasonable. I saw they increased the price for another foreigners (I thought he is European). This is one of the unpleasant attitude when we traveled in Thailand. But, we were mostly accompanied by our driver or our Thai friend, so it rarely happens to us.

Third and top destination was ERAWAN NATIONAL PARK! This was AMAZING! The entrance fee is THB 100 for Thai people and THB 300 for foreigner. We just say ‘kap/kha’, and Boy bought the ticket for us, so we paid on Thai price. We rented the camp. Since Boy is the real Thai people, he left his ID card in the visitor center as a deposit. Then, we went to the camping site. We chose the location of our tent. Yeah, our tent was really close to the river!


our tent was the left one, good view 🙂

Rent cost for the tent is THB 225, we also can rent pillow, blanket, matress for around THB 20 each. It was already 3 pm, we decided to visit the waterfall. There were many people at that time, we only reached level 4 since. They closed the waterfall at around 4.30 pm, but they will start closing the highest level since 3 pm. We went back to our tent. We took a nap in the ‘floating board’ in the river, aaaaa it was so nice. We had dinner in a food stalls near the visitor center, they would be open until 7 pm. The price was reasonable and it taste good. We spent THB 276 for three people including fruit juice and Thai milk tea (cha-nom-yen). We went back to the tent, charged our phone (they provide a charging station), had a nice chit-chat about travelling while we wait the charging process. We slept at around 9 pm. It was not that dark since there were some lamps. We could hear the sound from insects and birds. Unfortunately, two tents near us was so loud, but we could sleep well until the next morning.

The following day, we woke up early. We walked to the waterfalls. It felt like it was our private waterfall since there is no people hahaha. Unfortunately, we had one unpleasant incident. At around 5th level, Boy wanted to take photo in the middle of small waterfall. I only stood in the riverside, and I saw a black snake coming to Boy. Its length around 2.5 meters. I called Boy ‘come here, please, come here now. Go back’. Yanuar and Boy did not see the snake, but I thought my face became pale at that time. So, they went back to my side. But, I think you do not need to worry, national park is just like a wild forest, actually it is not surprising to see that. It is just my bad luck to see that snake 😦


this waterfall is mine!


look at the clear water!

We arrived at 7th level around 8 am, no one there. We took photo and swam. The water is clear. Some fishes were coming to us. Hahaha. They did not bite, just feel ticklish. Boy was really afraid of the fish by the way hahaha. I thought we spent around 1 hour there. Then, we went back to the 6th level, taking photo. After that, we swam on the 4th level. There was a natural water slide. It was scary at the first time, but it was so addictive after that hahaha. Then, we went back to 2nd level, we swam there hahaha. It was such a nice natural swimming pool. If you were there and you hear someone’s screaming, do not be afraid, it was actually just ticklish feeling from the fish. I screamed many times hahaha.

We went back to the tent, took shower. After that, we went to Srinakarin Dam. It is basically a dam for a Hydro Power Plant. It was so BEAUTIFUL! You have to visit here after visiting Erawan.


srinakarin dam

Then, we visited two temples. The first one was Wat Ban Tham. It was a temple with a unique pathway like a dragon. It will be very high to climb the stair until the top, so we just stopped by, took a photo. Then, the second temple we visited was Wat Khun Thai Tha Ram. There are some temples in this complex, which have different styles; Thai, Myanmar, and Chinese. It was a beautiful unique temple.

We stopped by in a souvenir shop to buy some snacks and having late lunch. After that, we drove to Rayong. It took 5 hours. We arrived in Rayong around 9 pm.

Kanchanaburi is a lovely small city with breathtaking view. Even, words and pictures cannot describe how beautiful it was. Beside that, it was actually a ‘heart-break’ trip for me. Yeah, after experiencing a break-up, I felt uneasy for many days, I decided to go in this trip, for a hope that it can slightly wash away my uneasy feelings. Yeah, it did. I felt really grateful to see the beauty of God’s hand to create very amazing natural view in Kanchanaburi. I also felt very grateful that God gave me this opportunity to come to Thailand to join the training. I felt so grateful for many things I did not realize because back then, I was too focused on my terrible long-distance relationship. Whatever happens next, I know that God already guides me and gives me nice experience and wonderful opportunities in my life. Nothing to be complained. All remains are just grateful feelings 🙂

all the photos belong Boy and Yanuar


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