One Year in Thailand


I am not really into my blog, I am so sorry. But, I try to get back my writing habit. So, I decide to go back and write. Not to influence people, not for sophisticated reason. Hehehe. I just try to write and express my mind in positive way.

I talk in my writing. I don’t have a special interest in photography. So, the photo in here will be mostly from my friends or other source (I will definitely put the credit). But, it turns out wrong, after I keep writing my travel experience, I like taking photo at least to fulfill the needs of photo in my blogpost 😀

About Thailand,

I think it was in the end of last year that my boss offered me a chance to go Thailand to study. Well, it was not like taking a master degree, it is more likely an on-the-job training. So, six of us (Agus, Asep, Galuh, Intan, Yanuar, and me) were chosen to go to SCG Chemicals in Thailand to learn from them not only about technical skill but also about soft-skill. SCG (Siam Cement Group) is one of the promising company in Thailand, they have three big groups: cement, chemicals, and packaging. Each group consist of many companies with specific purposes and products. SCG Chemicals have branches across Thailand and also has subsidiaries, joint ventures, or share stocks outside Thailand, such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Iran.


Khun Ittiporn (our trainer), Agus, Yanuar, me, Galuh, Asep – where is Intan?  (left-right; picture taken by Phi Thai – our Thai friend)

We will learn here for around 1 year start from May 1, 2016. We go back to Indonesia every three months since our visa is training visa which is only valid for three months. Beside the learning and working in SCG Chemicals, we use our spare time to travel and try new experience in Thailand. We live in Rayong, around 200 km from Bangkok. It is an industrial city. Though some locals also go here for some nearby tourist spot, Ko Samed.

Sorry for late post. I will update about out one-year experience of living in Thailand!



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